Event Management System

Event Website

  • Launch your event with a world class website giving all information about your event and providing for online registration.

Visitor Registration

  • Visitor can register online before the event.
  • Email and sms are sent with all details including QR Code

Book Appointments

  • Visitors can request time on the Exhibitor calendar for meeting.
  • Exhibitor can accept the appointment

Approval Workflow

  • Applications can be approved after review for correctness and submitted documents.
  • If incomplete, it will be sent back to visitor for providing required data

Paperless Check-In

  • Visitor just comes with Digital Card OR Registered Mobile Number and checks-in in a matter of seconds

Exhibitor App

  • Scan any visitor badge to get all informationabout the visitor.
  • Log enquiries in central place for later processing.
  • Get updates when relevant visitors check in

Generate Leads

  • Visitors can search the Exhibitor profiles on the website before the event and send enquiries and set up meetings


  • Dashboard with data on visitor check in count, enquiries generated, Product interest areas of visitors