Custom Design And Development

Web and Mobile Development Services using Reactjs, React Native and AWS Services

Technology expertise

  • Front End: React.js, Next.js , Apollo-Graphql, AWS AppSync, AntDesign (UI Framework),React Native, Native Base (UI Framework), React Symantec UI
  • Business Layer: Ecmascript (ES 6,7,8), Advanced JavaScript, Node.js, Graphql
  • Backend: Dynamo DB, Mongo DB, AWS App Sync, S3, Light Sail, AWS Lambda Functions, Serverless Architecture, Ngnix

Web and Mobile Development

  • Responsive Website to meet your online goals
  • Mobile Ready for scaling to a mobile App later
  • UI/UX Design by experts across the globle
  • Hosting and Infra management

Native App

  • iOS or Android using React Native Framework. This will half your cost and time
  • We can provide UI/UX Design support
  • We can host and manage the site if required

Product Prototype

  • Have a Product Idea, we can help you develop a quick prototype to test the market or for Client demos


  • Enhancements to existing Projects
  • Improve User Experience
  • Upgrade to a mobile responsive website
  • Develop a Mobile App for your website


  • Migrate to javascript full stack
  • Move your existing iOS and Android development to React Native based development and save 40-50% time.
  • Some of the companies with best user experience are developed using React like Facebook, Whats App, Netflix, Airbnb,,,,,,,

Idea 2 Product

  • We can help you take your idea forward and implement it E2E
  • We will do UI/UX for your product
  • Develop your Product using the latest Technology stack
  • Create the cloud infrastructure required for running your product
  • Host and manage the product and infrastructure and help you focus on business and scale