Retail Business Wanting to go Online

If you have a brick and mortar business and want to take your business online in quickest possible time, our Ecommerce Platform is best suited for you. With amazing features and attractive cost, we bring the latest in technology to you.

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Franchisee Business going Online

If you run multiple Retail outlets under your brand, but want to give a unified single presence to the customer online, you have come to the right place. With our auto routing of orders to your outlets depending on customer location, you increase the sales in your outlets and expand your customers base.

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Set up Online Business with Home Delivery

If you are planning to set up a Online Grocery Store, Home Kitchen, Dabba Service or any other business where you deliver to the customer in your local area, you can use our Ecommerce solution custom made for you. With features like enable ordering based on area codes, area wise delivery charges, customers track delivery person, App notifications and promotions, our solution meets all your requirements.

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Set up your B2C Market Place

Looking to build your own amazon or flipkart we have a perfect solution for you. connect the merchants and customers on a single market place where each merchant manages their own catalogue and orders. Platform helps to do payment reconciliation as well.

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Set up your B2B Market Place

Looking to become an Alibaba and connect global suppliers with retail traders. Our solution will help you onboard suppliers and traders and network and trade

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FMCG Distribution Business with Field Sales and Delivery

If you have a Distribution business with Field staff for Sales and Delivery, our B2B Solution is perfect fit for you. Increase the productivity of your sales and Delivery by more than 30% by using smart tools like GPS tracking, route optimization, field ordering, dispatch and purchase reports, auto routing of orders, performance monitoring

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If you are manufacturer and have large number of products, new products launched every month and a field Sales team, our solution will improve your sales efficiency, help introduce new products quickly and save costs or catalogues. ROI will be less than 1 yr. You can even protect your designs by strict access controls

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Event Management:

Online exhibition

Bring our offline exhibition on the web/mobile and provide an opportunity to exhibitors to generate more enquiries, reach potentials customer across the globe

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Cricket Tournament

We have a complete solution for your cricket tournament. Live Matches, online player registrations, sponsor video’s and banners, points table, live scores, player rankings, set up predict and win contests.

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Entertainment Event

Want to live telecast your event and have a complete solution for online registration, managing visitors and ticketing, please connect with you.

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Business Event

With online registration, online ID’s to visitor management to meetings calendar, we provide a complete solution for business events

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Public and Private Transport

Track your vehicles on the road in real time to enable better fleet management. Share links with customers to enable real time location updates of the vehicle.

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Real Estate:

Logistics OR Courier Services

Provide a more sophisticated experience to customers for local deliveries. Enable them to track delivery person, get notifications for when their parcels were delivered and many more.

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Society Management Solution

If you run a society or apartment complex and want to create a safe and efficient society, our solution is just for you. Manage visitors, payments, complaints, meetings and many more

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